At Breakwater Electric LLC, we help clients from Connecticut with their residential electrical needs.

Wiring for home additions covers all aspects of electrical wiring; from high voltage wiring such as lighting and receptacles to low voltage wiring for things like Phone, Cable TV, Satellite TV, and Speaker wiring. To have one electrical contractor that can professionally handle all aspects of wiring for home additions means that you will save time and money on your home addition project.

Another important thing to remember when wiring for home additions is how the existing wiring in your home will tie into the wiring for the addition. Some wiring, such as phone and cable will need to be connected to the existing wiring in the home to provide an expanded system of  the wiring you already have. Sometimes the high voltage electrical system will need to be extended as well, for such things as lighting and switching locations that connect the existing part of the home to the addition. The remainder of wiring for home additions would be dedicated wiring for the addition alone.

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