Dedicated Computer Circuits

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The term “dedicated circuit” is used in many ways. Mostly, it is used in reference to a telephone line or a circuit. In both cases, a dedicated circuit is a circuit set aside for a specific use that relieves electrical stress on the item that needs that dedicated circuit. In electrical wiring, a dedicated circuit is a circuit set up with its own circuit breaker and intended for a single use.

This type of dedicated circuit is designed to ensure that the circuit used to power an computer will not be overloaded. Electrical appliances can need a lot of energy to run properly, and running multiple appliances on the same can be dangerous. For example, if a stove and a hair dryer are powered on the same circuit, the circuit will probably blow because of the high energy demand. Thus, a dedicated circuit is used to ensure that the supply of power is uninterrupted and that operating conditions remain safe.

You can have several items plugged into one outlet and several outlets that feed into the same electrical circuit. Each item on that circuit adds to the amount of “noise” your computer experiences. Electrical noise consists of fluctuations in electronic current, also known as power surges. Electronic noise can cause operating problems for your sensitive electronic equipment and dedicated electrical circuits increase your computers resistance to damaging surges and fluctuations in power allowing your computer to run smoothly.

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