Pool Wiring

At Breakwater Electric LLC, we help clients from Connecticut with their residential electrical needs.

Breakwater Electric LLC can efficiently install new pool/hot tub wiring or troubleshoot your pool wiring problems to accurate diagnose the issue without damage to your pool or void the manufacturer's warranty.

In reality, having an electrician install your pool pump in the 1st place is a good way to help stop future problems. Naturally, regardless of the expert installation, malfunctions can and do happen. But if you have a pro install your pool you elude DIY mistakes like a wrongly installed disconnect switch.

Swimming pool wiring, needs a professional electrician that has the qualifications and hands-on knowledge to handle your pool wiring problems! Selecting an approved, insured electrician is the best way to ensure you're getting a skilled pro for your pool. For extra assurance, you may additionally want to check reviews and references of the electrician's past work.

For further information on Pool Wiring please contact Breakwater Electric LLC for a consultation.