recessed lighting

At Breakwater Electric LLC, we help clients from Connecticut with their residential electrical needs.

Recessed lighting adds style by highlighting various aspects of the rooms decor. Recessed lighting open up a room and make it feel more spacious. There are many different kinds of recessed lights with various different kinds of housing units, functions and rims. In addition, there are a variety of sizes varying from 4 to 6 inches in diameter to suit the size and depth of your space. Breakwater Electric can give your home the ambiance you want whether it's a flat or sloped ceiling.

What Type of recessed lighting is right for your home?

  • Incandescent - These lights are great for most of your lighting needs. They are known as “A” bulbs and are inexpensive.
  • Energy Star® - These lights help to save you money because they reduce energy consumption.
  • Fluorescent - These lights are ideal for office and commercial lighting. Fluorescent lights provide reduced glare and increased efficiency.
  • Multiple Recessed Spots - This type of recessed lighting is a great alternative to track lighting. These lights are available multiple arrangements.
  • Swivel Lighting - These lights can be repositioned to highlight different areas. A great use for swivel lightings for accenting the architecture of a home. 
  • LED Swivel Lighting - LED Lights are long lasting and do not heat up like other bulbs

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