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    For over two decades, Breakwater Electric LLC has been the preferred source for commercial and residential electrical services in Stratford CT and the surrounding areas. Let our experienced team of professionals help you solve all electrical problems – contact us today for a free consultation.

    Breakwater Electric: Commercial Electricians in New London, CT

    Running a successful business in New London, CT, requires a well-functioning and reliable electrical system. At Breakwater Electric, we understand the critical importance of maintaining an efficient electrical setup for commercial spaces. Our team of skilled electricians is dedicated to providing top-quality commercial electrical repair services to address various issues that can arise in your business.

    Solving Electrical Problems in Commercial Spaces

    Commercial properties face unique electrical challenges that can disrupt operations and impact productivity. At Breakwater Electric, we have the expertise to address a wide range of electrical issues. Here are some common problems encountered by commercial spaces and the solutions we offer:

    1. Power Fluctuations – Power fluctuations can be caused by various factors, such as overloaded circuits or voltage irregularities. Our skilled electricians will conduct a thorough inspection to identify the source of the problem and provide appropriate solutions to stabilize the power supply.
    2. Faulty Wiring – Faulty or outdated wiring is a common issue that can lead to power outages and safety hazards. Our team will carefully assess the wiring in your commercial space, identifying any damaged or worn-out components. We will then perform the necessary repairs or rewiring to ensure a safe and reliable electrical system.
    3. Lighting Problems – Insufficient lighting, flickering lights, or outdated fixtures can affect the overall ambiance and functionality of your commercial space. We offer expert lighting solutions, including energy-efficient lighting installations and upgrades, to create a well-lit environment that enhances productivity and customer experience.
    4. Circuit Breaker Issues – Circuit breakers play a crucial role in protecting your electrical system from overloads and short circuits. If you experience frequent tripping or other circuit breaker issues, our electricians will diagnose the problem and provide the necessary repairs or replacements to ensure proper functioning.
    5. Equipment Malfunctions – Malfunctioning equipment can disrupt operations and lead to costly downtime. Our team is skilled in diagnosing and repairing electrical issues related to machinery, control systems, and other equipment. We will work diligently to get your equipment back up and running efficiently.
    6. Safety Inspections and Code Compliance – Maintaining a safe electrical environment is essential for both the well-being of your employees and compliance with local codes and regulations. Our electricians can conduct comprehensive safety inspections, identify potential hazards, and ensure that your commercial space meets all electrical code requirements.

    Comprehensive Commercial Electrical Services

    At Breakwater Electric, we offer a wide range of commercial electrical services to meet the diverse needs of businesses in New London, CT. Whether you’re starting a new construction project, renovating your office space, or in need of emergency repairs, our skilled electricians are here to assist you. Here are some of the commercial electrical services we provide:

    • New Office Fit-ups and Renovations – When setting up a new office or renovating an existing one, it’s crucial to have a reliable electrical system in place. Our electricians will handle all the electrical aspects of your office fit-ups and renovations, ensuring proper wiring, lighting installations, and compliance with safety codes.
    • Retail Space Fit-ups and Renovations – Retail spaces require specific electrical configurations to accommodate various lighting fixtures, displays, and equipment. Our team specializes in providing electrical services tailored to the unique requirements of retail spaces, including store layout design, lighting installations, and electrical upgrades.
    • Energy Efficient Lighting – As energy costs continue to rise, businesses are increasingly looking for energy-efficient lighting solutions. Our electricians will assess your commercial space and recommend and install energy-efficient lighting options that not only reduce energy consumption but also enhance the ambiance and productivity of your workspace.
    • Dedicated Computer Circuits – To ensure the smooth operation of computer systems and prevent power disruptions, dedicated computer circuits are essential. We can install dedicated circuits to power your computers, servers, and other IT equipment, minimizing the risk of overloading and providing stable power supply.
    • Cat 5 and Cat 6 Computer Wiring – In today’s digital age, reliable and efficient network connectivity is crucial for businesses. Our electricians specialize in Cat 5 and Cat 6 computer wiring installations, ensuring high-speed data transmission and seamless communication within your commercial space.
    • Storefront Signs – Your storefront sign plays a significant role in attracting customers and promoting your business. We have the expertise to install and maintain electrical connections for storefront signs, ensuring they are properly illuminated and visually appealing.

    In addition to these specific services, we also offer other commercial electrical services, including renovation support, new construction electrical installations, emergency services, and service calls for troubleshooting electrical issues.

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    At Breakwater Electric, we are dedicated to providing top-quality commercial electrical repair services in New London, CT. Our skilled electricians have the knowledge and experience to solve a wide range of electrical problems, ensuring your business stays powered and productive. Contact us today for all your commercial electrical needs.